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April Volunteer Spotlight

Apr 04, 2016 • Volunteer, coach, sports

April Volunteer Spotlight: Nikki Holland, LPC from Lincoln County

For the past 7 years, SOOR has been lucky to have Nikki Holland involved as a Volunteer Local Program Coordinator (LPC), a Coach for community based teams, and a Coach for school teams in both traditional and unified sports. Nikki is an Adapted P.E. Teacher in Lincoln County, and was an athlete at OSU, so she fully understands the benefits of being involved in sports and being a part of a team.  Some of her favorite memories are of the times she has watched parents she’s known for years become emotional when they saw their son or daughter finally “fit in” and have friends because of Special Olympics Oregon.

Holland’s life is a busy one! In addition to her involvement with Special Olympics Oregon, she works a full-time job as an educator, is the mom of two young children. and coaches her son’s basketball team as well. Nikki and her family enjoy spending time outdoors and are also in the midst of building a house in the country.

We asked Nikki why she does all that she does while continuing to be so involved in Special Olympics Oregon. She said, "the memory that is most vivid is something that happened last year at Basketball Regional. My adult team won the championship game.  As the buzzer sounded, one of my athletes was so ecstatic, that he ran off the court in pure bliss. He ran toward me, jumped in the air, wrapped both arms and legs around me, so overjoyed and overcome with excitement, that he nearly knocked us both to the floor.  Who wouldn’t be taken in by that pure joy? Those are the moments that make me do what I do."

“Special Olympics is a huge part of my life and I am so thankful for all of the people that are in my life because of the connections it has brought to me.  I really feel that my role with Special Olympics has made me who I am today,” said Nikki.

Thank you Nikki for being such an incredible Local Program Coordinator and coach to Special Olympics Oregon!

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