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Summer Season Volunteer Opportunities!

May 09, 2016 • Volunteer

Summer Season is filled with a variety of engaging Day of Event Volunteer Opportunities.

  • Get up close to the action at a regional sports competition in June or Summer State Games in July.
  • Have fun helping at a special event - Rip City 3 on 3 in July or the Bite of Oregon in August.
  • There are generally two volunteer shifts each day - morning and afternoon - 3 - 5 hours in length.
  • We will have key volunteers provide training and support during your shift!

To Sign up: Visit or email:

May Volunteer Spotlight

May 09, 2016 • Volunteer, unified sports

Volunteer Spotlight: Robert Tadjiki

Robert Tadjiki became familiar with Special Olympics when he started his teaching career in Illinois and was in awe of the opportunities it gave to adults with intellectual disabilities.  When he moved to Oregon in 2001 he was eager to provide the same opportunities to his students and began looking for ways for them to participate. Robert got involved with Special Olympics Oregon 8 ½ years ago when he learned about SOOR’s inclusive school-based program while working at Bend High School as a Life Skills Teacher. 

Oregon was one of the initial states to spearhead the Unified philosophy for youth and Robert wanted his students to be able to participate in this opportunity right away.  Bend High School is now in its 8th year of involvement and has one of the largest and most successful Unified School programs in the state, much of which is due to Robert’s incredible passion and determination to sustain such vital programming for his students.

The culture and mission of Special Olympics Oregon has become a very big part of Robert’s teaching and coaching approach.  “I use the Special Olympics Oath which is posted in my classroom – ‘Let me win, But if I cannot win, Let me be brave in the attempt.’  This statement rings so true because you are never going to always win, but it is the effort and collective desire to do ones best that rings true for athletes and unified partners.  They buy into it and try their best each time they compete,” says Tadjiki.

A favorite Special Olympics Oregon memory that Robert has is from a Unified Spring Soccer tournament two years ago.  His students really wanted to play soccer and they went up against school teams from the Portland area.  “The action was so intense and the competition so level – it was truly impressive,” says Tadjiki.  This past fall Robert’s students also hosted an informational clinic to educate other schools in Central Oregon.  “We were able to personally recruit Sisters High School and we have organized basketball and softball games against them.  It has been thrilling to share the benefits of Special Olympics with more students and families!”

When asked what motivates him to stay involved with Special Olympics Oregon, Robert says that each time he goes to a tournament – win or lose, he sees the joy on the faces of his students.  “The camaraderie that is established by these young adults by being on teams is simply wonderful!”

In addition to his involvement with Special Olympics Oregon, Robert is the co-founder and a board member for Education for Chinese Orphans (EChO), which starts schools for special-needs orphans in China.  Robert and his wife Stephanie have been married for 20 years and have four children: Cyrus – 16, Jasper – 14, Maya – 13 and Ella – 10.  Outside of teaching and coaching, Robert enjoys mountain biking and cross country skiing with friends.  He also enjoys worshiping with his church regularly on Sunday’s. 

Special Olympics Oregon is privileged to have such an incredible educator, mentor and coach like Robert Tadjiki.  Thank you Robert, for being a leader and advocate for the Unified movement and for all that you do to provide meaningful opportunities to your students!

April Volunteer Spotlight

Apr 04, 2016 • Volunteer, coach, sports

April Volunteer Spotlight: Nikki Holland, LPC from Lincoln County

For the past 7 years, SOOR has been lucky to have Nikki Holland involved as a Volunteer Local Program Coordinator (LPC), a Coach for community based teams, and a Coach for school teams in both traditional and unified sports. Nikki is an Adapted P.E. Teacher in Lincoln County, and was an athlete at OSU, so she fully understands the benefits of being involved in sports and being a part of a team.  Some of her favorite memories are of the times she has watched parents she’s known for years become emotional when they saw their son or daughter finally “fit in” and have friends because of Special Olympics Oregon.

Holland’s life is a busy one! In addition to her involvement with Special Olympics Oregon, she works a full-time job as an educator, is the mom of two young children. and coaches her son’s basketball team as well. Nikki and her family enjoy spending time outdoors and are also in the midst of building a house in the country.

We asked Nikki why she does all that she does while continuing to be so involved in Special Olympics Oregon. She said, "the memory that is most vivid is something that happened last year at Basketball Regional. My adult team won the championship game.  As the buzzer sounded, one of my athletes was so ecstatic, that he ran off the court in pure bliss. He ran toward me, jumped in the air, wrapped both arms and legs around me, so overjoyed and overcome with excitement, that he nearly knocked us both to the floor.  Who wouldn’t be taken in by that pure joy? Those are the moments that make me do what I do."

“Special Olympics is a huge part of my life and I am so thankful for all of the people that are in my life because of the connections it has brought to me.  I really feel that my role with Special Olympics has made me who I am today,” said Nikki.

Thank you Nikki for being such an incredible Local Program Coordinator and coach to Special Olympics Oregon!

Winter Season Pride In Performance Award Recipients

Mar 15, 2016 • sports, Winter, Pride In Performance, Athlete, Volunteer

Winter Snow Sports Les Schwab Pride in Performance Volunteer Award Recipient: Sue Wallace, Local Program Coordinator for Multnomah County

Sue has many friends and supporters, one of the biggest being her daughter, Emily, who is also a Special Olympics Oregon volunteer.

Sue's first exposure to  Special Olympics Oregon was as a spectator watching her son, Matt, compete as a Special Olympics Oregon athlete. When Matt started skiing, the whole family became more involved and Sue was right there not only cheering for him but for everyone!  You could tell she believed in each and every athlete. Emily said, "You could see her big heart and compassion shining through."

She was hooked on Special Olympics and just four years later she became the Local Program Coordinator for Multnomah County- almost 14 years ago!

She puts in endless hours of her time; coordinating practice facilities, making travel arrangements, securing coaches, managing athletes, organizing fundraisers, managing finances, ordering equipment and uniforms, and so much more.

Her dedication is undeniable. Sue had surgery four days before Summer State Games one year,  but instead of staying home to recuperate  she was in Newberg checking on athletes and coaches, as well as cheering in the stands. There’s just no stopping her!

When you talk about someone who puts their heart and soul into their work, Sue is the perfect example. She truly inspires the people around her to do their best and be their best.


Winter Snow Sports Les Schwab Pride in Performance Athlete Award Recipient: Danny Wells of Eugene/Springfield

Danny has been participating with Special Olympics Oregon for more than 10 years, competing in downhill skiing, golf and basketball.

His coach, Michael, said with great pride, “Besides Dan's skills improving over time in both golf and skiing, what I think is more important is his improvement in his ability to handle the aspects of competition, to win with humility and graciousness, to support his fellow athletes in their endeavors, whether it be congratulating them on their victories or consoling them in their time of need.”

“He accepts with dignity that although he gave his best, sometimes it falls short.  He is always ready to get out there and try again.”

Not only does Danny shine in sports competitions, but he has also been involved in many fundraisers for the local program, including the Polar Plunge and Tip-a-Cop events. He is a great member in the community and has worked at Columbia Distributors for the past 10 years.

He is a great friend to all his fellow athletes and a positive influence on teams in which he is a part of.



Winter Indoor Sports Les Schwab Pride In Performance Athlete Award Recipient: Juan Palacios, McMinnville High School

Juan has been participating with Special Olympics Oregon for five years in basketball, soccer and golf.

His coach has watched his skills develop in soccer and basketball and says he works hard and plays hard. In 2013, he received an athletic award for unified soccer. Juan is also a great cheerleader for his teammates and is always sharing words of encouragement from the sidelines. He is always happy, has a great attitude and takes a lot of pride in whatever he is doing.

Outside of Special Olympics, Juan volunteers his time at a local youth group and supports many Veteran’s Day events in the community. He was also voted prince for the Sophomore homecoming court at his high school!

Juan is a caring young man to anyone he knows and to those he may not know, and is always willing to lend a helping hand.





Winter Indoor Sports Les Schwab Pride In Performance Volunteer Award Recipient: Brigette Brown, Hillsboro School District

Brigette has been involved with Special Olympics Oregon for over 7 years. She is an adaptive PE Teacher for Hillsboro School District and has spearheaded many of the Unified programs throughout the district, including basketball and softball teams at elementary, middle and high schools.

Brigette has devoted many hours to recruiting athletes and partners, training coaches, arranging practices,  coordinating facilities, tracking paperwork and managing multiple teams throughout the school year.

To add to her list of roles, she has also coached many of these teams herself! She is a great advocate and resource for her students and athletes. Many of the assistant coaches that she has recruited for elementary and middle school teams are high school students, which has provided them with a meaningful opportunity to work with and learn about individuals with intellectual disabilities.

She has devoted so much of her time to ensure that young people with and without intellectual disabilities are provided with meaningful and inclusive sports opportunities so they can build friendships, develop physical fitness and feel included and accepted. Her hard work and strenuous efforts have greatly attributed to the success of many of Hillsboro School District’s Unified programs.

Special Olympics Oregon is extremely privileged to have Brigette as a volunteer, coach and an advocate for the Unified movement in schools throughout Oregon.

January Volunteer Spotlight

Jan 11, 2016 • Volunteer, unified sports, Polar Plunge

Mica Annis, Glencoe High School

During the summer leading into her freshman year at Glencoe High School, Mica Annis attended a leadership camp where she learned about the Polar Plunge.  She immediately became interested in getting involved with Special Olympics Oregon and supporting individuals with intellectual disabilities.  Once school started, she hit the ground running with excitement to get her school involved in the Polar Plunge.  Now a senior, Mica has been Glencoe’s Polar Plunge captain for the past 4 years and has expanded her involvement with SOOR and her passion for advocating for individuals with intellectual disabilities. 

As a freshman, Mica coached an elementary Unified basketball team and quickly realized the impact that sport can have for individuals with intellectual disabilities, especially youth.  She specifically worked with two youth basketball players who had low skills and never scored a basket.  At their last game of the season, one of the players was passed the ball and their entire team came together to help her score her first basket.  This experience helped Mica realize the power of sport and the true spirit of Special Olympics. 

“Yes, there is a competitive aspect, but Special Olympics is more about coming together and helping each other succeed.  This is really exciting to be a part of,” says Mica. 

After coaching, Mica played a valuable role in starting a Unified Sports program at Glencoe High School.  She even participated as a Unified Partner on their Unified soccer team one year.   Mica says that Unified Sports has truly helped herself and her peers develop relationships with students with intellectual disabilities.  When asked what has been the most powerful part of her involvement with Unified Sports, Mica said, “Seeing how much Unified Sports and Special Olympics can help people and integrate them into society, develop friendships and build confidence.”

Special Olympics Oregon is not the only thing that Mica is passionate about, her list of involvements is quite outstanding for an 18 year old.  Mica is currently the Student Body President and Key Club President at Glencoe High School.  She is also a member of multiple organizations, including the Hillsboro Youth Advisory Council, Youth Advisory Board for World Affairs Council of Oregon, and an Ambassador to the State Capital for the Oregon Association of Student Councils.  In addition to these roles, Mica has also been a leader for SOOR by facilitating multiple workshops about the Polar Plunge at various leadership conferences and events for youth.  Last summer Mica interned at the SOOR state offices and was a huge help in assisting with projects, events, and presentations.

One of Mica’s favorite experiences throughout her SOOR involvement has been building Glencoe’s participation in the Polar Plunge.  The first year only 5 students joined Glencoe’s team, but last year there were 35 students that took the Plunge with Mica.  “It’s exciting to see how much it has grown and how many people care about the cause and are passionate about it,” says Mica.

After graduation this spring, Mica plans to attend college and pursue a degree in International Studies and minor in Women’s Studies.  She then hopes to acquire a law degree and work on civil and human rights to advocate for equality and basic human needs.

Thank you for being such a dedicated advocate and supporter for Special Olympics Oregon, Mica.  Your passion, leadership, and commitment to promoting inclusion is an inspiration to us all, especially our youth leaders and athletes!

Volunteer Spotlight: Sharon Patapoff of Washington County

Nov 04, 2015 • Volunteer

“Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take,  but by the moments that take our breath away."

That’s the motto that Special Olympics Oregon Aquatics Coach Sharron Patapoff lives by. We are very fortunate to have her as part of our family. Sharron has been the Head Coach for Aquatics in Washington County since 1981.  At the time, she was working part-time at the Beaverton Swim Center where she started teaching a specialized aquatics program.  It was hard for Sharron in the beginning  to know if she was making an impact.  Sharron was coaching a young man named Steve at the time, and she was unsure whether she was making a difference in his life.  Steve's mom told her once, "remember that a small improvement is monumental for us.  You may not see it in the moment – but we do.”  

This opened  Sharron's eyes  to  the impact she was capable of making in the lives of individuals with intellectual disabilities, and the possibilities of expanding the SOOR aquatics program. Sharron did such a great job teaching aquatics that many parents asked her to sign their kids up for Special Olympics.  When the fall season came around, that is exactly what Sharron did. She began recruiting more athletes and coaches for the program. A few years later, Sharron became the Supervisor at the Beaverton swim center, a position she held for 30 years in conjunction with coaching for Special Olympics Oregon.

Sharon's favorite part about coaching for SOOR is how eager the swimmers are to learn from their coaches. "I admires the way they all support and treat each other.  They are proud of themselves when they improve and want to do their best."

"We have high expectations of our athletes!  There’s no coddling.  We work on side breathing, correct strokes, etc.  We expect them to become good swimmers … and it’s a life skill." Sharron says our athletes can outshine the majority of the people in this world with their swimming skills. "Many parents say because of their swimming skills, they also do much better in school. It’s a great program!" says Sharron.

"I could not do this by myself.  The coaches that run this program with me are so skilled, talented, engaging, and enthusiastic. They really want to be there. I get way more out of this than the athletes get from me.  I reap the benefits of their friendship and willingness to learn and work. There are moments where they knock your socks off!  They really keep you going. "

Sharron retired from the Beaverton Swim Center at age 68, but continues coaching for SOOR. "There is a bond with a coach and athlete that contributes to their success.  It’s priceless. That’s why you don’t quit."

Thank you Sharron for your motivation and passion for teaching such valuable life skills to our athletes!

Volunteer Spotlight: Susie Peters of Benton County

Sep 04, 2015 • Volunteer

Pictured above (left to right): Susie Peters with Special Olympics Oregon athlete

Susie Peters, Volunteer Local Program Coordinator for Benton County, has a long and interesting history with SOOR.  Because of her love of volleyball, she started out as a volleyball coach in 1996 and kept increasing her involvement from there.  She also coaches basketball and softball, but says she would coach all of the sports if there were more hours in the day.

Susie was born in Eugene, but has lived in Corvallis most of her life, working for Benton County for 17 years and for the Benton County Developmental Disabilities program for 15 of those years.  When asked about her favorite Special Olympics memory, Susie had a hard time choosing just one, but said, “My best memory would be one of the first times that I met my future husband during the State Summer Games in Corvallis. We both played as unified partners on softball teams from different counties.  It was a fun rivalry which developed into a wonderful friendship and then marriage."

In her spare time, Susie likes spending time with family & friends, going to sporting events and the theater, gardening and traveling with her husband to minor league baseball stadiums around the United States each summer. She added “I especially love my animals and love taking care of and playing with our little dog Sandy...My husband and I also enjoy opening up our home and hosting UO international students from around the world each school term. We try and help them feel at home in their new surroundings while they are thousands of miles away from their own familiar cultures, homes and families.”

Susie’s dedication and commitment run deep. She says, 
“I feel so attached to my athletes and want the program to be the best that it can be in Benton County and to continue to make a positive difference in their lives. The athletes and volunteers are such a huge part of my life, like one big extended family. It would feel so strange not to have them in my life.”

Special Olympics Oregon is so grateful to have Susie Peters as a skilled and dedicated volunteer! She is an inspiration to all of us and we thank her for her passion and dedication.

June Volunteer Spotlight

May 15, 2015 • Volunteer


Once again, there will be lizards at our regional track meet in Gresham! Specifically, the Red Lizard Running Club. This group of dedicated volunteers is a shining example of a lasting partnership between two organizations who share common interests – sport and community.

Jeff Malmquist,Team Red Lizard President, shared some thoughts on behalf of the hundreds of Red Lizard volunteers who  have helped serve on the Games Organizing Committee (GOC) over the years:

Q: Why does Team Red Lizard volunteer with SOOR?
A: Basically, we like helping people; especially people who run. And that this population of people who run does so in relative obscurity [but instead for the true love of the sport] makes it even sweeter. This is our 13th year helping stage the Regional Special Olympics Track and Field meet at Mt. Hood CC. It's a Lizard tradition and we wouldn't have it any other way!

Q; How does volunteering make your members feel?
A: Oh...I would say it helps put the concept of "success" into better light. It's a nice feeling to see that often running the race and finishing last - indeed, just finishing! - can be more fulfilling than finishing first. In life, the race does not always go to the swiftest and it is nice to see this play out at Special Olympics.

Q: What is your favorite memory or experience volunteering for SOOR? 
A: Every year, for the last 5 or so years, there is one female runner I enjoy watching. She runs the longer distance races. I don't know her name but she always runs at a steady pace. She doesn't speed up when someone passes her or slow down if she gets way behind and discouraged. She has developed a pace that works for her and she sticks to it.  She does this with little fanfare and never draws attention to herself.  Wish that I had the grace to live life this way!


You will find Team Red Lizard at the 2015 Special Olympics Oregon Summer Regional Games track and field competition at Mt. Hood Community College in Gresham on Saturday, June 6.  They will be there making sure that a high-quality experience is had by all, just as they have been for the past 13 years! Thank you again to all of our friends at the Red Lizard Running Club!


April Athlete and Volunteer of the Month

Apr 03, 2015 • Athlete, Volunteer

Pictured (Left to right): Lyall Arey, Athlete of the Month; Mark and Kristi Smalley, Volunteers of the Month.


April Athlete of the Month: Lyall Arey from the Hermiston/Pendleton Local Program

Lyall is 21 years old and has been participating in Special Olympics since 2010. In the past 5 years Lyall has made some great friendships with his fellow athletes and has had a positive impact on the local program.

He truly enjoys training and competing with his teammates in the 3 B’s of sports…basketball, bocce and bowling. He is especially proud that he and a fellow teammate trained hard and competed well -- taking home a gold medal -- at the bocce regional in Sherwood last year.

Lyall lives with his mom and dad in Hermiston and enjoys spending time with his family.

When Lyall isn’t competing, he enjoys being supportive of the other bocce athletes. His coaches say they are very appreciative of Lyall’s team player spirit and attitude. He exemplifies what it is to be a Special Olympics Oregon athlete in both his actions and camaraderie with others.

It is quite fitting that Lyall is being recognized as the April Athlete of the Month because his birthday is this month too…so Happy Birthday, and Congratulations to Lyall!


April Volunteers of the Month: Kristi and Mark Smalley of the Hermiston/Pendleton Local Program

There are TWO Volunteers of the Month for April… Mark and Kristi Smalley, a husband and wife team, from Hermiston.

Kristi and Mark have been involved with Special Olympics Oregon for over ten years. They originally became involved in Special Olympics Oregon because their daughter, Jillian, began participating as an athlete with the Hermiston/Pendleton local program.

Kristi is fond of saying, she’s just her daughter’s activities director, but she is WAY more than that! Through the years Kristi has held several positions on the local program management team, and is currently the Communications Manager. She is also a long-time head coach with experience in bowling, bocce and basketball. In addition, Kristi plans and coordinates the annual golf tournament and Comedy night fundraiser events for the local program. If that weren’t enough, Kristi is also the local key point of contact for the bowling regional in Hermiston. She assists Special Olympics Oregon staff with the planning, coordination, setup, opening ceremonies, recruiting and training of volunteers, and helps to make sure everything runs smoothly during the event…she is critical to the success of this bowling regional!

Mark works closely with Kristi and is always there to do whatever needs to be done. He is a very respected and knowledgeable year-round coach. In fact, two years ago Mark took the lead on preparing the Hermiston/Pendleton basketball team for their first regional competition. It took a lot of hard work and coordination to make this happen, but Mark did an exceptional job and the teams had an amazing competition experience, thanks to him. Mark also volunteered to start and coach a golf program in Hermiston last year -- another first for their local program. All the golfers did a fantastic job at the regional competition and summer state games and they’ll be back again this year. Mark’s a true leader and role model for the Hermiston/Pendleton program.

Together, Kristi and Mark, are valued and valuable members of the Special Olympics Oregon family and are VERY deserving of being honored as the April Volunteers of the Month!!!



March Athlete and Volunteer of the Month!

Mar 12, 2015 • Athlete, Volunteer

        Athlete of the Month: Brian McKrola of Grant County            Volunteer of the Month: Jeff Porter

March Athlete of the Month

Brian McKrola has been participating in Special Olympics Oregon for over 20 years. Throughout the years, Brian has trained and competed in bowling, basketball, athletics, aquatics and skiing. He enjoys attending practices and spending time with his teammates. He always encourages and supports his team and other athletes. Brian also loves competing, as well as the travel and camaraderie that go along with these events.

When Brian is not at Special Olympics, he has several jobs in his local town of John Day. He works at SueZQ’s Thriftstore, JD Rents Power and Equipment, and Nugget Lanes. He has an amazing work ethic and always does his very best!

Although his work and practice schedule keep him busy, in his free time Brian likes to watch movies and spend time with family and friends. He is truly a people person and gets along with everyone. He also enjoys attending and participating in community events throughout the year.

Two of Brian’s favorite things in the whole world are superheros…and Special Olympics! Brian makes a positive difference on his sports teams and within his community. Let’s congratulate Brian on being selected as the March Athlete of the Month!


March Volunteer of the Month

Jeff Porter has been involved with Special Olympics Oregon for more than a decade and has worn many hats.  However, many recognize Jeff by his favorite red hat which he likes to wear to events so that people can pick him out of the crowd. 

He has become a fixture on many Games Organizing Committees - serving in management roles at basketball, bocce, soccer and bowling competitions.   During his time with SOOR, Jeff has volunteered at least once in nearly every sport we offer.  He is a proven, dependable leader that staff, volunteers, coaches and athletes have come to trust and admire.   

When asked what he likes most about Special Olympics Oregon, Jeff explains, “There are a lot of great things, but above all the sportsmanship that the athletes exhibit is amazing.  No matter how intense the competition gets, the respect and support that the athletes show on and off the field is truly inspirational!”

Thank you, Jeff, for all that you do for Special Olympics Oregon!



September Volunteer & Athlete of the Month

Sep 05, 2014 • Volunteer, Athlete

Pictured:  Becky Venice of Cottage Grove; Remy Spangler of Union County

Athlete of the Month: Remy Spangler, Union County

22 year old Remy Spangler, a Special Olympics Oregon participant with the Union County local program, has been involved in Special Olympics for 10 years.

During this time, Remy has participated in aquatics, athletics, golf, and his favorite sport to train and compete in, cross country skiing.

In his spare time, Remy enjoys traveling, camping with his friends and family, and works as a custodian in the La Grande School District.

Special Olympics has changed Remy's life in many ways. His coaches have noticed he is more outgoing, has developed physically and emotionally, and he has gained more confidence in himself.

His mom Ellie, a Special Olympics Oregon coach and volunteer, said that Remy was very quiet and introverted, but that he has grown into an engaging and friendly young man who shows great sportsmanship, is supportive of his teammates, and is more independent.


Volunteer of the Month: Becky Venice, Cottage Grove

For the past 35 years, Becky Venice, Cottage Grove Local Program Coordinator, has dedicated her life to developing the Special Olympics program in Cottage Grove.

Becky grew up in Peru, Indiana, and she and her husband Robert met there and came to Cottage Grove in 1964. Her involvement in Special Olympics began when their daughter, Monica, was born in 1965 with Down’s syndrome.

In 1973, Monica began taking part in Special Olympics at school in Eugene, but when the schools dropped the program, Becky decided she needed to organize their own program in Cottage Grove with only 8- 10 participants at the time. She knew the impact that athletics had on the intellectually disabled, and as a school bus driver she was able to communicate this to the families as well. Since then the program has grown, and Cottage Grove- Creswell currently has about 40 athletes who participate throughout the year.

Through the inspiration of Monica and seeing how much Special Olympics has meant to her over the years, Becky has been a valuable coach, motivator, and mentor as she continues giving her heart to the athletes and coaches in Cottage Grove.

Becky was selected back in April as the community contributor inductee for the 2014 Cottage Grove High School Hall of Fame, accompanied by a wonderful article about her involvement with Special Olympics.

Read the full article from the Cottage Grove Sentinal.

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