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Zero Waste at The Bite of Oregon

Aug 23, 2011 • Recology, Bite of Oregon, Facebook page

Recology coordinated the sustainability component of this year’s Bite of Oregon on August 12th, 13th and 14th of this year.

This year we are happy to announce because of Recology’s efforts The 2011 Bite of Oregon was a zero waste event. 99% of the materials discarded over the three day period were diverted from going to a landfill. Last year’s diversion rate was 81%, which is not bad at all. Achieving 99% diversion is more impressive though because this year’s Bite had close to 40,000 visitors from both near and far.

What does a zero waste success mean?

It means only 260 pounds of true waste were generated and sent to a landfill. Among those materials were soiled shrink wrap, soiled aluminum foil, wrappers, non-compostable packaging and baby diapers. It means the event was clean from start to finish, facilitated by great communication, education and effort.

It means that beyond the 99% diversion, over 1,200 people took the Recology pledge to reduce, reuse, recycle and Recologize™! There are now 1,200 more people who understand what we mean by WASTE ZERO.

Thank you Recology, and all those who helped in sorting through waste, for making this year’s Bite of Oregon truly sustainable. If you’re in the Portland area, get in touch with Recology by visiting their website.

Check out photos from this year's Bite of Oregon on our Facebook page.

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