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Volunteer Screening Process

A person’s volunteer participation with Special Olympics Oregon (SOOR) is an opportunity and privilege; it is not an entitlement.  Special Olympics Oregon has the right and responsibility to protect the well-being and safety of it’s participants: athletes, coaches, volunteers, staff and spectators.

SOOR volunteers include coaches, chaperones, local program team members, games committee members, “day of” volunteers and many others.  All volunteers are listed and assigned a classification designation to help track the category of their participation. Volunteer classification helps ensure the safety of the athletes, and that they are well supervised, trained, and prepared for competition and outreach opportunities. We have two different classes of volunteers.  

Class B: Single event and “day of” volunteers.  These are volunteers who have limited contact with athletes or who have contact with athletes accompanied by coaches and chaperones.  

Class B volunteers must enter their contact information when registering for an event, show photo ID when they check in at volunteer registration for the event and sign a general release.

Class A:  Class A volunteers include:

  • Volunteers who are, or may be, in regular close physical contact with athletes, such as coaches, chaperones, drivers and overnight hosts.
  • Volunteers who are in a position of authority or supervision (real or apparent), ie: board members, committee members, etc.
  • Volunteer who are in a position of trust, ie: competition key volunteers
  • Volunteers who handle substantial amounts of cash ($15,000 or more annually) or other assets of the program.

To be considered for participation with Special Olympics Oregon as a Class A Volunteer, the applicant must:

  • Complete and submit the Class A Volunteer Application.
  • Pass a criminal background check which will be conducted by Special Olympics Oregon.
  • Complete two on-line training programs and quizzes (for applicants 16 years and older).
  • Minors (17 years and younger) – In lieu of a criminal background check, minors must complete the Minor Reference Form.

An applicant is NOT considered a Class A Volunteer and may not act as such until all of the above items are completed!

Most Class A Volunteers are part of the Local Program, so they complete the Class A application process through the Local Program in their area.  Contact the Local Program in your area if you are interested in becoming a Class A Volunteer.

Special Olympics Oregon  Promotes Greater Respect

Amelia Abel of Eugene/Springfield: Her objective is to promote inclusiveness whenever and wherever she can.

“Amelia brought down the house at the Project UNIFY rally at Grant High School this spring when she called on every teen in the building to find ways to include those with differences in their lives. She is amazing,” Lilly Hart, 2011 graduate, Grant High School.

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