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Sports Competitions

Sports Competitions - Volunteering at a competition is a rewarding and inspirational experience.  The responsibility of volunteers working in a sport-related role at a venue is to assist in providing a safe, fair and consistent competition for all athletes.  Once you volunteer, you’ll want to do it again and again.  Volunteer positions include timers, awards, scorekeepers, runners, results, staging, set-up, tear– down, lunch preparation, and much more.  Most positions are a 4 hour time commitment. Sign up below! 

Be a Fan - Nothing drives an athlete more than that roar of the crowd in anticipation greatness. No matter if it’s at the Summer Olympics or at a regional high school track meeting – cheering fans is what inspires athletes to excel and give their very best. Nothing puts a bigger smile on our athletes’ faces than to be supported by the fans in the stands.

You fans are what sports are all about: excitement, passion and sharing joy with others. That’s why we invite you to be a fan of our Games. Come out and bring a friend - witness how our athletes will run faster, throw further and jump higher because of YOU!

Thank you for volunteering for one of our sports competitions.  Volunteer opportunities for Fall State Games are listed below!


Sports aren’t your thing? Volunteer at a fundraising event or become a fundraiser for events like the Bite of Oregon or Polar Plunge. 

Local Programs

Special Olympics Oregon has 29 Local Programs across the state. Learn more about getting involved in your area.

Sports Competitions

Special Olympics Oregon has three sports seasons. Volunteering at a competition is a guaranteed rewarding and inspirational experience.

Fundraising Events

Want to help out at this year's Bite of Oregon, Polar Plunge, Rip City 3-on-3, Governors' Gold Awards and more?

Other Opportunities

Here are some other opportunities that Special Olympics Oregon offfers for our amazing volunteers.

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