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FUNfitness is a physical therapy screening program that is designed to assess and improve physical strength, flexibility, and balance.  The screenings also educate athletes and parents on the importance of staying physically fit and flexible.  FUNfitness provides a hands-on opportunity for participating athletes to learn more about physical therapy. 

Developed in partnership with the American Physical therapy Association (APTA), FUNfitness is led by volunteer physical therapists assisted by physical therapy students. 

Screening Process 

The FUNfitness screening (physical therapy) takes approximately 20-30 minutes and includes:

  • Flexibility test using tape measures and goniometers
  • Strength test using a trunk and hand grip
  • Balancing on one and two legs
  • Endurance test where the athlete steps in place for two minutes or walks for three minutes
  • Education: Athletes are provided with a written Home Exercise Program that is based on the results of their screening.  The materials will help enhance their participation in sports and recreational activities.

Programs and trainers for the Healthy Athletes® discipline of FUNfitness have a new video to assist in orienting new clinical directors.  Used in conjunction with in-person training or as a refresher for existing clinical directors, this video provides step-by-step instruction for conducting health screenings and education and tips on how to communicate and interact with athletes.

Healthy Hearing & Fun Fitness

The Healthy Hearing program is a free hearing screening designed to ensure proper audio logical care for Special Olympics athletes.

Health Promotion & Healthy Hearing

Health Promotion is a free screening that offers health information and advice in the areas of nutrition, sun safety, bone density, hydration, tobacco cessation, and physical fitness.

Special Smiles & Opening Eyes

The Special Olympics Opening Eyes program is a vision and eye health screening in partnership with the Lions Clubs International Foundation.

Healthy Athlete Videos

Learn how Healthy Athletes ® Helps the Athletes.

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