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Q What is Oregon's Law Enforcement Torch Run (LETR)?
Law Enforcement Torch Run is the running of the torch throughout the state before Summer Games to raise awareness of and funds for Special Olympics Oregon. But it is much more than that. It is a year-round program involving volunteers from all sectors of the law enforcement community. Volunteers support and encourage Special Olympics athletes by coming to Summer, Fall and Winter Games to give out ribbons and medals, and they hold fundraising events throughout the year so athletes can continue to participate free of charge. For more information go to About Us.

Q How can I get involved?
Many people start out by volunteering to give out awards for a couple of hours at one of the competitions or by spending a couple of hours at a fundraiser organized by another volunteer in their community. Once you've seen what Torch Run is all about, you can decide how you'd like to serve — continuing to give awards, running in the Relay, organizing a fundraiser, and serving on the Executive Council are just a few of the volunteer opportunities. For more information, contact us at

Q How do I get my agency's name on the shirt?
All your agency has to do is raise $1,500 that year for Special Olympics Oregon. This can be done by securing sponsorships (see Sponsorships) and runner contributions or by hosting an fundraising event such as a Tip-a-Cop. See Fundraising for more event suggestions. E-mail us at for more info.

Q What is the best thing I could do for LETR?
A If your department is not already participating, the best thing you could do for LETR is to organize a group of volunteers to represent your agency. If you can come to give awards, you will all get to meet some of the athletes and get a real feel for what Special Olympics is and why you want to be involved. The next step could be to do a fundraiser to support your local athletes. If your agency raises $1,500, your name will be listed on the back of next year's LETR T-shirt.

Q When is the Relay?
The Relay, the actual running of the Torch, is in the weeks preceding Summer Games. Click here for more information.

Q What is the Final Leg?
The Final Leg is the portion of the Relay that runs into the Summer Games hosting city. All runners, whenever their leg was run, are invited to join the Final Leg. And it's fine if the Final Leg is the only leg you participate in.

Q What if I can't run?
You can jog, walk, participate in a wheelchair, ride a bike (motorized or not) or help by driving a support vehicle. There are no limitations to how you can participate. And all LETR volunteers are welcome to come to the Final Run whether they ran or not.

Q If I decide to do a fundraiser, is there someone who can help me?
Yes! We have "Event Mentors," people who can meet with you and explain how to do a Tip-a-Cop or a Building Sit or sell T-shirts, etc. And we welcome new ideas so if you think of something new, let us know!

Q What happens to the money?
The revenue raised through LETR supports the athletes of Special Olympics Oregon in their training, uniforms, transportation, as well as supports the competitions in which they compete.  Special Olympics is free of charge to our athletes and their families.

Q Are there two different shirts every year?
Yes.....and no. There are two shirts each year. The front design is the same on each shirt, but the backs are different. The shirt that is available to the public for purchase lists the Honor Roll on the back (all agencies who have raised at least $1,500 for Special Olympics). The Runner's Shirt is for Relay participants (LETR volunteers and athletes) and has our sponsors listed. See Sponsorships for our current sponsors and to see the sponsorship chart.

Q Have a question you need answered?
E-mail us at

Lt. Chad Davis and athlete, 2014 Winter State Games

2013 Summer State Games

Jarrod Johnson and Judy Macho, 2012 Summer State Games

Ofc. Kecia Weaver & athlete, 2014 Winter State Games


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