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Fundraising Events

Become a Fundraiser - Put a group together and take the plunge for Polar Plunge or go on-line and support a plunger.  Come to the Bite of Oregon and listen to great tunes and eat fabulous food!

Fundraising Event Volunteer - Volunteering at a fundraising event is fun and a great way to get out and meet people.  Volunteer positions are generally a four hour commitment and positions vary depending on the event.  Volunteer opportunities include Polar Plunge in February and the Bite of ORegon and Rip City 3 on 3 in August. 

Local Programs

Special Olympics Oregon has 29 Local Programs across the state. Learn more about getting involved in your area.

Sports Competitions

Special Olympics Oregon has three sports seasons. Volunteering at a competition is a guaranteed rewarding and inspirational experience.

Fundraising Events

Want to help out at this year's Bite of Oregon, Polar Plunge, Rip City 3-on-3, Governors' Gold Awards and more?

Other Opportunities

Here are some other opportunities that Special Olympics Oregon offfers for our amazing volunteers.

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